Product & Service

The energy of innovation and transformation guides us to foster competitiveness for our clients through different aspects.

Service Plan

PEGATRON's Customer Service Center provides a complete service package for customers. By implementing the “Lean Six Sigma” philosophy we are capable of providing higher quality services at a lower cost structure. Experienced service teams are well-prepared to satisfy our customers' various needs by providing them with a custom tailored service plan.

Service Program

Our Program Management Team holds meetings with our customers face-to-face so that the team can fully understand the specific requests of each customer and provide the most suitable service program. Our service Program Management Team then proposes a service recommendation and a detailed service plan which allows the customer to completely utilize our resources at the most competitive costs.

Customized IT Systems

Customized IT systems are becoming ever-increasingly valuable in providing customers with 24-hour-access to repair solutions throughout a product’s lifecycle. By adopting a secure information technology infrastructure, we provide customers with the reliable data sharing with PEGATRON’s IT systems.


Our Technical Support Team provides customers with real-time troubleshooting services. We are involved in all aspects of technical issues, from the initial stages of the product development to the end of the product lifetime. By working closely with the R&D team at an early stage, we ensure the product is “designed for serviceability.” This means we are prepared for any inconvenience of technical difficulties that may arise in the future.