Employees are the most valuable asset,
because their dedication
serves to lay a firm foundation
for the company’s future developments.

Benefits plan

PEGATRON's benefit measures can be roughly divided into those offered by PEGATRON and those offered by the Joint Employees'; Welfare Committee. Our excellent benefit measures are well received among our employee. Furthermore, various benefit measures are published on bulletins, company website, or emailed to our employees so that they can become familiar with them and make the necessary application.

1. Company benefits measures: Group insurance, travel insurance, meal allowance, year-end bonus, performance bonus etc.
2. Joint Employees' Welfare Committee benefit measures: Social clubs, Family Day, Reunion Day, cash gift for major festivals, various subsidies (wedding, funeral, children's study grants and scholarships).Retirement System

Retirement system

PEGATRON's retirement system and policy are implemented according to the Labor Pension Act (new system), where 6% of the employees' monthly wage must be contributed to the individual accounts of labor pension at the Bureau of Labor Insurance. In addition, workers may also voluntarily contribute within six percent of their monthly wage to the labor pension. The amount of labor pension voluntarily contributed may be deducted from the gross consolidated income of the year. For employees adopting the old system, 2% of their taxable monthly wage will be contributed to the Old System Workers' Retirement Fund at the Bank of Taiwan in order to cater to the retirement needs of our employees.

Recreation center

SPA area
Swimming pool and SPA pool – Divided into adult pool and children’s pool, both are designed in accordance with standard safety regulations in terms of the number of lanes, water depth and temperature. The SPA pool features 9 different SPA massage facilities to offer comprehensive functionality. The loft ceiling is complemented by a vast expanse of skylight to expand the view of users. In addition, they can also enjoy SPA therapy while taking in the breathtaking view of Guandu Plain outside the window. A sundeck area has been designed around the pool outside, featuring beach landscape to create a holiday vibe so that people can unwind and enjoy a relaxing time here.

The sauna and changing rooms are equipped with a shower area and dry sauna. Each shower room is further divided into the changing area and shower area for the convenience of users. There is also a readying area featuring hairdryers and spin-dryer.

Fitness center
There are 49 fitness machines in 22 categories in the fitness center for our colleagues. The aerobics classroom is the most frequently used venue of all, and Pegatron has hired professional instructors to teach yoga, aerobics and weight loss courses that have proven to be extremely popular among our female colleagues. The billiard room is often filled with noises of our employees competing against one another, while the thoughtfully designed children’s playground is a paradise of happiness for children during the holidays.

Sports ground
Besides serving as a venue for our colleagues to relieve work stress and train fitness, the general sports ground is also often used to organize large ball games to not only improve our colleagues’ physical wellbeing but also cohesion. In addition, the spacious venue is also the perfect location for Pegatron’s Employee Welfare Committee to host a variety of activities, social club events, competitions and balls to enrich the spiritual life of our employees.

Healthy lifestyle

(Health philosophy of our leader) + (Healthy bodies of employees) = Corporate Sustainability
• Constructed Taoran Hall with no expense spared so that our employees can have a place for leisure and entertainment activities.
• Hired professional nutritionist so that our colleagues can enjoy healthy eating;
• Established an infirmary and hired a physician to keep track of our employees’ health.
• Hired several professional nurses to safeguard the health of our employees.

In addition, we also:
• Conduct regular employee health examinations by applying a standard that is higher than that stipulated by the law. Health lectures are available to all our employees free of charge.
• Health screening activity allows for the early discovery of physical illnesses. Fitness course in the form of aerobics and yoga enables our employees to stay fit and healthy.
• Smoke-free workplace is created by helping our colleagues to quit smoking. Lactation room is established to facilitate the needs of working mothers.
All the above measures help to accomplish Pegatron’s management philosophy of “Happy Work & Happy Life”.