Employees are the most valuable asset,
because their dedication
serves to lay a firm foundation
for the company's future developments.

Diverse Learning Plan

We assist our employees to develop their forte and offer them training to constantly boost their competitiveness.

Sound training results in outstanding performance, and people often benefit tremendously from basic training. Pegatron provides complete on the job and off the job training sessions to help you demonstrate your skills and receive applause after each successful challenge.

Talent Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a means in which Pegatron implements its company management philosophy of “cherishing, cultivating and caring for its employees”. IDP assists management in determining the current and needed capabilities of employees for both new and ongoing projects relative to the objectives of the organization. Each employee prepares his or her own individual development plan. The IDP assists the employees to assess, plan and develop their capabilities, which allows the management team to align and cultivate their capabilities more systematically and effectively. The healthy interaction between managers and employees is an integral part of the success realized at Pegatron.

"Aspiring to Realize Your Dream" : During the process of establishing our colleagues' career aspirations, supervisors will facilitate them and play a coaching role in order to let them fully unleash their potential and professional ambitions.

“Career at Pegatron – Global Perspective”: Pegatron not only has numerous sales locations around the world, there are also diverse professional units within Pegatron, providing a stage for professional talents of all disciplines to hone their expertise and rise through the ranks.

“Teach in accordance to aptitude and train with systematic methods ”: Based on an employee’s individual function and responsibilities, the Individual Development Plan identifies work-related capabilities that need to be strengthened. An annual learning and development plan is then systematically organized based on the IDP.

    • Type

      Off-the-Job Training

    • Item
      Training Resource
      Specialty Training
      1. New colleague specialty training
      2. Specialty curriculum training or learning
      3. Outside training(such as industry and academy master class)
      4. Overseas training(such as conference, fair and curriculum)
      5. Overseas talent returning Taiwan for learning
      Learn in the working by the lecture, training and practicing of department chief or HR to improve the depth and extent of work specialty knowledge and skill.
      Management and General Training
      1. New colleague training 
      2. Newly promoted chief training
      3. Management duty training
      4. Core duty training 
      5. Curriculum for domestic and overseas elite chiefs
      6. General and management lecture
      Provide the systematic growth, learning and development blueprint to store the strength in the current and future career development; develop and inspire the management talent and potential of employee and cultivate the employee to the A+ leader.
      1. Business English Class
      2. Art/Literature Lecture
      3. Pegatron Community
      4. Library
      Cultivate the initiative and independent learning and growth capacity, and give attention to the individual interest development.
    • Type

      On-the-Job Training

    • Type
      Training Resource
      On-the-Job Training
      1. Work rotation
      2. Case practice
      3. Mentor for new colleague
      The chief shall assist planning the individual growth plan of subordinate and enlarging or enriching the work depth and extent of colleague so that the colleagues can show themselves on the arena of Pegatron.

e-Learning Platform


e-Learning is an integral part of the training and development process at Pegatron that allows employees to implement the curriculum learning by taking online tests without time and site. Employees can work at their pace and schedule. Pegatron's diverse online curricula include management-related training, individual efficiency learning, and other core company culture training, allowing for complete skill set development.

Training and Development Subsidies

Whenever training is not provided internally, Pegatron provides tuition subsidies for employees in specialty-related curriculums held by external training agencies.


For employees at all levels, Pegatron also invites professional lecturers to teach professional skills and individual efficiency management curriculum.