Product & Service

The energy of innovation and transformation> guides us to foster competitiveness for our clients through different aspects.

Communication Products


With numerous years of cell phone R&D experience, including multifunction integration and performance enhancement such as: platform optimization, touchscreen interface, recognition system, depth camera, wireless communication & antenna design, fast charging module and cell phone app development, we are able to satisfy our customers’ position and needs in cell phone products.

Cable modem

With years of experience in broadband communication technology, software/hardware technology and product R&D, Pegatron’s industry-leading, new generation integrated services is able to connect Internet video, Internet telephone, wireless network with various smart home appliances in order to serve every need of homes or businesses, thereby helping our customers to make their products more competitive on the market.

Set-top box (STB)

With many years of experience in STB development, our industry-leading video platform and integrated technology supports high-definition, multiple-format videos offered by various service providers in different countries. At the same time, it features multi-screen support and connects to a diverse selection of multimedia devices. Furthermore, it supports multi-user environments to achieve limitless video playback via smart home network technology.

Network switch

Pegatron offers various network equipment solutions for enterprises and datacenters, including a variety of customized business or industrial application terminals, providing high-speed, reliable and secure network transmissions, as well as VoIP and business video conference facilities. By integrating network equipment, simplifying management complexity and difficulty, we are able to save space, resources and improve the efficiency of network utilization.