Company: Pegatron Corporation
Date: 2024/06/04

PEGATRON delivers the latest CSP Server based on Intel® Xeon® 6700-series processors

PEGATRON, a renowned global EMS+ manufacturer, is thrilled to unveil its latest advancements in CSP solutions.

A New Era of Compute and GPU Multi-Node Server

PEGATRON Unveils a 2U2N CSP server, STERLING (MS301-2T1) with Intel® Xeon® 6 processors and a GPU Multi-Node server. It is designed to support a wide range of applications, including compute incentives, AI workloads, and scale-out workloads. The STERLING (MS301-2T1) comes with two sled configurations: Compute Sled and GPU Sled, providing flexible node combinations to meet various workload demands.


PEGATRON STERLING (MS301-2T1) GPU Sled SKU                                                             PEGATRON STERLING (MS301-2T1) Compute Sled SKU   

DC-MHS Compliance with M-DNO Type 2 MB

STERLING (MS301-2T1) is a server that seamlessly integrates DC-MHS compliance with M-DNO Type 2 MB, while also supporting DC-SCM 2.0 and OCP 3.0.

An Innovative Fusion of Adherence and Flexibility

The STERLING (MS301-2T1) exemplifies adaptability, featuring a converted tray that smoothly transitions from a 19” to a 21” open rack, ensuring readiness for OCP 3.0. Moreover, each node of the STERLING (MS301-2T1) is a technological marvel, supporting 16 x DDR5 DIMM slots and furnished with a 1+1 2400W CRPS power supply. The GPU node is flexible, accommodating either 1 x Double-width GPU card (up to 350W) or 2 x Single-width add-on cards (up to 75W). Storage is a non-issue with the STERLING (MS301-2T1). Each node can house either 1 piece of 4 x E1.S NVME backplane per sled on the front side or 2 pieces of 4 x E1.S NVME backplane per sled on the front side.

The STERLING (MS301-2T1) is a testament to PEGATRON's unwavering commitment to innovation and performance. With its advanced features and capabilities, it is set to redefine the landscape of compute and GPU multi-node servers.

Powered by Intel® technology - Intel® Xeon® Processor Snapshot

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Intel® for the STERLING (MS301-2T1) server. This server is powered by Intel® Xeon® 6700-series processor with Efficient-cores, offering up to 144 cores per CPU. These processors have been optimized to provide ultra-high-density compute while maintaining power efficiency. The Intel® Xeon® 6700-series processors excel in performance per watt, thanks to their high core density and high-throughput capabilities. They are designed to deliver exceptional computational power while minimizing power consumption. With a TDP starting at 200 W, these processors offer an ideal balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the STERLING server will also feature Intel® Xeon® 6700-series processor with Performance-cores. These processors are specifically optimized for workloads that require high core performance and general-purpose computing. They are designed to deliver the best possible performance per core, making them suitable for specialized workloads that benefit from built-in accelerators. By partnering with Intel® and utilizing their advanced processor technologies, we aim to deliver a server solution that offers excellent performance, energy efficiency for a wide range of computing workloads.

Meet STERLING (MS301-2T1) and more at PEGATRON SVR Lab

PEGATRON excited to announce to open the PEGATRON SVR Lab for VIP to present their latest technologies, AI servers, and Data Analytics servers during Computex 2024. We sincerely invite you to join us in our PEGATRON SVR Lab at our headquarters. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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