Company: Pegatron Corporation
Date: 2023/7/24

Pegatron partners with Viettel to establish Vietnam's first 5G smart factory

Pegatron and Viettel, the largest Vietnamese telecom company, held a joint press conference in Haiphong city on the afternoon of July 20th, announcing the establishment of Vietnam's first 5G smart factory. Vietnam site is also the first all-5G smart factory established by Pegatron overseas. Attendees of the press conference included Mr. Hoang Minh Cuong, the Deputy Chairman of Haiphong City People’s Committee, Mr. Dao Xuan Vu, the Deputy CEO of Viettel Group, Mr. Nguyen Manh Ho, the CEO of Viettel Solutions, Mr. Nguyen Dat, the CEO of Viettel Networks ,major companies within the industrial zone of Haiphong (covering areas like telecommunications, consumer manufacturing, ships, railways, aviation, etc.). Pegatron was represented by CY Feng, the General Manager of Business Group 6 (BG6), who leads the 5G team.

As the operator with the highest market share in Vietnam, Viettel has always been at the forefront in mastering and developing new technologies and is the first operator in Vietnam to deploy 5G SA (Standalone) networks. On April 27, 2023, Viettel obtained permission from Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications to begin testing its 5G private mobile network service (referred by Viettel as 5G PMN). After a swift three-month deployment, Viettel officially announced that it had successfully deployed the 5G PMN in the factory located in Haiphong city, in collaboration with Pegatron.

With Pegatron's 5G technology (PEGATRON 5G) as the backbone, supplemented by Pegatron's self-developed edge computing server (PEGATRON SVR) and years capabilities of AI software application (PEGA AI), we aim to achieve a golden triangle combination of software, hardware, and technology. This aligns with Pegatron's recent efforts to promote digital transformation centered around 5G, Edge, and AI. Due to the need for flexibility throughout the enterprise from planning to production implementation, and the ability to flexibly deploy, quickly update, and automatically operate all production processes, Pegatron's 5G network system deployed in the smart factory not only upgrades the network but also combines practical applications to solve manufacturing problems, speed up efficiency and promote safety. The first phase introduced a 5G wireless network, improved production line deployment speed and flexibility, and used Digital Twins technology to simulate deployment situations with virtual models, reduce deployment costs, and improve efficiency. Pegatron also introduced multiple applications in the Vietnam factory as follows:

Vision AI (AI visual recognition platform)
This is an AI platform developed by Pegatron, providing a simple step-by-step interface that allows users to quickly introduce various AI applications into their own systems. It also provides a complete backend tracking service. Currently, Pegatron has introduced it into monitoring and security systems, and in the future, it can be widely applied to abnormal behavior detection, smoke and flame detection, and energy-saving systems.

Assembly Monitoring (real-time production line monitoring system)
Pegatron's visual recognition system can accurately detect whether the assembly sequence of the production line is correct, and give real-time alarms and statistics, feeding back to the production line and central system, effectively improving the yield rate. It is also applied to the detection of various stages of product assembly, not only assisting staff to work quickly but also reducing labor costs.

AR Collaboration (remote collaboration)
The introduction of Microsoft's AR Dynamics 365 (an augmented reality video call solution) allows professional engineers from all over the world to instruct on-site staff remotely and clearly on assembly operations and troubleshooting.

At the press conference, CY Feng, the General Manager of Pegatron's BG6, showed Pegatron's determination for 5G and intelligent manufacturing. He pointed out that applying 5G PMN to the production line is a new global trend. Pegatron is at the forefront of bringing this technology to production line at Vietnam site, hoping to improve factory efficiency and move production and manufacturing towards a more efficient, modern, intelligent, and safe process. Viettel is a strategic partner of Pegatron, and Pegatron believes that through this cooperation, they can meet the infrastructure needs of smart factories and the extended needs of subsequent application services. 5G PMN of Pegatron's Vietnam factory will be fully deployed by the end of 2023, and it is expected to replicate the successful experience to its own factories in Indonesia, Mexico, and even India in 2024. At the same time, we can use its own experience to lead and assist local Vietnamese enterprises in digital transformation, making Pegatron 5G an important push towards the future.

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